Monday, August 27, 2007

Ryan Lang

I talked to my best bud who lives in LA tonight for a glorious hour and a half. Ryan is my friend from China (you can see us together in Beijing to the left) who's originally from Minnesota and now works for ELIC in California, if that makes any sense. We talked about Disneyland, Starbucks coffee, CTF friends, getting together again, and tried to sum up basically a year of our lives. It was equally as daunting as it was great. One of the best thing about friends is that they don't care when you don't call them back for days or weeks at a time (this is for Jason and the Wilseys and Matt Stewart, too) and not only that... they still want to talk to you when you finally do.

I am blessed with some truly wonderful friends--for sure--even though I don't call any of you back.

(Here are a couple more pictures of Ryan, for fun, one more appropriate than the other.)

Oh, Ryan... and oh, Thailand! (You might not want to enlarge that second one.)

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