Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Big change, folks

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Rox win a thriller

Wow, after going from Pirate games to this--I suddenly remember why I love October. What a game.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

David Bazan

Two great covers:

"The Man in Me," Bob Dylan

"Hallelujah," Leonard Cohen

Plus one of my favorite Pedro songs:

"Preists and Paramedics"

Monday, September 24, 2007

Root, root, root

The Steelers are 3-0, the Pirates 15th season of misery is almost at and end (and yes, this is a good thing with the way they're playing right now), the baseball playoff picture is falling into place, and the Pens drop the puck for real October 5th. I'd say it's a good time to be a Pittsburgher and a sports fan.

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm still going to root for the Steelers in SoCal, and while the allure of LT might make me root for a Chargers-Steelers playoff match-up, I could never turn my back on the black and gold. I figure if I'm still a Pirate fan, I don't think my loyalty should really be questioned. But there's a difference in my mind between your team and teams you root for. And then there are some you just don't. Example: I'm stoked the Indians won the AL Central, but I could never don Cardinal Red in St. Louis no matter how long I lived there, or do the Tomahawk Chop in Atlanta or wear a Yankees cap anywhere, ever. But would I buy a Grady Sizemore t-shirt at the Jake? Sure. Would I love watching Chase Utley and Ryan Howard bash in Philly? You bet. So I'm figuring I'll pick up an LA cap or Russell Martin tee at Dodger Stadium sometime next spring, but that doesn't mean I won't be at every game the Buccos play there in my black and gold booing the home team--because I will. Do I wish I could see a Ducks-Pens game, sure, and is there any question which team I'd be pulling for? Of course not. It's all silliness to even question such things. No matter how much Big Ben gets on my nerves (or local news coverage of the Steelers), or whatever, he will never be Tom Brady and Pittsburgh will always be my home team.

In my head I'm pretty sure I have a pretty good idea of teams I would never in a million years root for (whether that's because of a specific defeat, player, image or whatever), and teams I could care about if given the chance (mainly because I currently hold no ill will, or I like their uniform colors or the way they're building their farm system or something). And here it is:

Never In A Million Years
St. Louis Cardinals
Atlanta Braves
New England Patriots
New York Yankees, Rangers
Dallas Cowboys, Stars
Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Sabres
Detroit Red Wings
Colorado Avalanche
Denver Broncos
Philadelphia [ed.] Flyers, Eagles
Washington Capitals
San Francisco Giants
Oakland Raiders
Ottawa Senators
Pretty much any NBA team

Eh, Why Not?
Cleveland Indians
Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Twins
Colorado Rockies
LA Dodgers
Anaheim Angels, Ducks
Vancouver Canucks
San Diego Padres, Chargers
New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies
Boston Red Sox... I think

Feel free to add your own nevers and why-nots, and include explanations if you so choose. Be sure to vote in the poll to the right (and if you answer "somebody else," say who below). And no matter where you live, go black and gold.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

An important question??

At THE crucial point of the game. Just unbelievable.

This really is the reason why sites like this, and this really, exist, and why I have zero respect for ESPN. Thank you, Internet, for intelligent sports journalism.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Small world?

I know stuff like this happens to people all the time, and it seems like more and more people are spending time in China so it's not that big of a deal I guess, but it still sort of blows my mind. Two girls I liked in high school (of say, five) have China ties. One I dated briefly and is living there now (with her husband) and the other I really wanted to date and has been to China twice, once with ELIC even!! (She's married, too, by the way.) It seems really weird to think back to when I knew Kayla and Amanda (when I was a sophomore/junior in high school) and that we would end up in the same country on the other side of the globe at different times. It makes me think maybe John Stuart's six-degree thing is possible, but mainly it just makes my head hurt.

It's all that thing I try to explain to people sometimes: I like big things to be big, and small things to be small, and it scares me when they aren't. OK that's enough randomness for a while.

Doddi California

I want to fill you all in on some details of my sooncoming relocation, if you don't know this stuff already. I'm taking a job with the English Language Institute/China, the company that sent me to Beijing as a teacher in 2005-2006. I'm not going back to China, though, instead to California. Specifically, San Dimas, home of a famous Circle K where some strange things once were afoot.

San Dimas is also home to ELIC's North American headquarters and is, for some reference, about 45 minutes east of downtown LA, an hour from the beach, 2 minutes from the mountains, and 25 minutes north of Anaheim/Disneyland. (A year pass will be purchased.) My job title will be "Communications Typographer." My primary responsibility will be newsletter layout and I start October 15th.

Oh, this is cool. Here's the skinny on 19773 (my new zip) from ZipSkinny, via Chris. Also, go ahead and compare your Zip to San Dimas, or Moon Township (15108) or Beaver Falls (15010) or wherever. Lots of interesting stuff there.

But, just so you know, I'll only be living in San Dimas for about a year (maybe less) until all of ELIC relocates to Fort Collins, Colorado, which means I too will be moving--again--sometime next summer, most likely.

I'm trying to approach this big step in my adult life with proper preparation and thought, which means I've been reading up on surviving earthquakes, how far I'll be from Google/Apple/Pixar (the answer: 7 hours) and when Blade Runner is showing in LA theaters in advance of The Final Cut DVD release in December (the answer, I think, is starting October 5. First movie I'll see in California? I think yes.)

Which leads me to my question: What are some must-see/read/listen to LA/California films/books/albums I should get to know before or after my Westward trek?

I'll start the list and you all can help me put something complete together.

L.A. Confidential
The Big Lebowski

The Beach Boys
Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Grapes of Wrath (not LA specifically, but the book I think of when I think California)
Shoot... I need help with books.

While we talk must-sees, be praying that I can find a church home in LA, and somewhere to live. My buddy Ryan has graciously provided me with a bed/couch until Thanksgiving-ish, but I'll need lots more than a pillow leaving home, Providence and friends and family behind. Somehow I'll survive without the Steelers (I left before and they won the Super Bowl), but Wednesday nights at the Stuarts, dinners at Sweet Basil and staying above mom and dad's garage will be harder.

I'll have lots more to say on lots of stuff soon. But for now, good night.


I'm watching through season 2 of The Office again and it's official: Jim and Pam have reached the heyday of Arms 404 Clark and Lana status for me. Which makes me wonder, am I ready for an adult relationship?? Because I haven't felt like this for a long time.


Oh wow.

(Season 4 of The Office premiers Thursday, September 27th at 9:00 on NBC.)