Friday, September 21, 2007

Small world?

I know stuff like this happens to people all the time, and it seems like more and more people are spending time in China so it's not that big of a deal I guess, but it still sort of blows my mind. Two girls I liked in high school (of say, five) have China ties. One I dated briefly and is living there now (with her husband) and the other I really wanted to date and has been to China twice, once with ELIC even!! (She's married, too, by the way.) It seems really weird to think back to when I knew Kayla and Amanda (when I was a sophomore/junior in high school) and that we would end up in the same country on the other side of the globe at different times. It makes me think maybe John Stuart's six-degree thing is possible, but mainly it just makes my head hurt.

It's all that thing I try to explain to people sometimes: I like big things to be big, and small things to be small, and it scares me when they aren't. OK that's enough randomness for a while.


R Gar said...

It is crazy to think about how so many people and things are connected in the world. Sometimes I do wonder if the six degrees of separation thing really holds true. I wonder if there's a concrete way to prove that it either works infallibly or doesn't . Probably not. Remind me that I have a crazy story to tell you related to this. I'll tell you on Monday.

sdesocio said...

Whats with the warthog on your header?

Jamie said...

haha. This reminded me of what Jessie said about the 2 people that will blow up if they get near each other.