Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aaron Hill steals home

That one's great because (surprise!) they take a shot at A-Rod right there at the very end. And then there's this next one shot by a fan. It's the entire at-bat and Hill comes out of nowhere in the last 20 seconds. (You've gotta love video like this... it always reminds me of that near-creepy video of the David Ortiz RBI to beat the Yankees in the Red Sox championship year. That thing gives me the chills, in a good way.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Michael Crichton says "aliens caused global warming"

I realize this is really old news (2003), but this speech is an interesting read which includes some thoughts on science, belief, SETI, nuclear winter and the climate crisis. I don't know a lot about science, and don't know how much Michael Crichton knows about science, but the man writes interesting books, and as I said: it's an interesting read.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pittsburgh's own: Sylar

I haven't listened to this yet, so I have no idea if it's interesting or anything, but Heroes actor Zachary Quinto is from Pittsburgh (graduated from CMU, would like to play Spock so I hear, in the forthcoming Star Trek prequel) and he talked to the Post-Gazette. Check it out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm calling it now

It's the middle of LOST's season finale, and I'm sure of one thing: These Jack "flashbacks" are in the future, after Jack is off the island.

11:12 pm. The beard gave it away. Amazing, amazing episode tonight. I can't express right now how much I love LOST. Hurley and the Dharma van. Hurley on the walkie: "Attention Others." Sayid being awesome. The "forward flash." Locke being beyond nuts. Danielle and Alex. Mikhail minus patch. Desmond. Charlie. The exact opposite of the way I felt after Heroes' disappointing finale. Kip Wells beat the Bucs tonight and I couldn't care.

All I can really say is:

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So today I officially became a "transient" student, or so Robert Morris University calls me. In preparation to attend Pitt this fall and ultimately receive my Pennsylvania certificate of teaching or whatever it's called next spring, I have five pre-requisite classes I have to complete (in addition to my graduate work and student teaching, of course): two undergrad education classes, two college math classes and a literature class (...and most likely I will do the five at three different institutions of higher education). The literature class is the first I'll be getting out of the way: an on-line course on "myth" I hastily signed up for today. I've always been fascinated by the idea of the "myth" (particularly how it relates to Creation and General Revelation) as well as mythology, stories and the rest and am somewhat excited to take the class. (The books I got today were Beowulf, The Odyssey and a "re-telling" of Genesis.) Granted I haven't looked in any detail at the books' translators, Genesis is the only one I've already read (though who knows how much it will resemble my ESV translation), and I haven't the slightest idea about the set-up of the class, but, as I re-enter the world of academia for the next 11 months, hopefully this should be a somewhat of an engaging start.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


In a couple of minutes I'm flying to Chicago for a short two-day trip. Here's my quick agenda (and it will be quick):

Chinatown. Dave McKee. Pirates baseball. Wrigley Field. Sears Tower. Sufjan Stevens. Art museum? Ferris Bueller.

Should be sweet. Go Bucs!

Monday, May 7, 2007


= How I feel. I've never had allergies before, but I'm assuming this is why I've been feeling crappy all spring.

= The Pittsburgh Pirates. They will never be good again. And this is not the sorry musings of a fairweather fan turned on by their .500 play in April. No, they're in a sorry, sorry state. No offense (none) to complement the decent pitching Littlefield has been maniacally stockpiling during his term as GM. We have two, maybe three, hitting prospects in the entire minor league system to go with our two, maybe three, capable major league hitters. We're awful. And based on management's "commitment" to winning (not firing Creech for assembling for the worst minor league system in baseball, not spending money, holding no one accountable...I'm looking at you Jim Tracy and Jeff Manto, and for giving Littlefield an extension for overseeing the whole debacle), there's no hope of anything changing. Ever. Go Bucs. 15 in a row here we come.

= Going back to school, which = My attitude towards doing anything, as in my future. I'm in the process of signing up for summer classes (at Pitt) and this is, I'm pretty sure, the last day I can, but about 0% of me is actually excited about doing this. Likewise, would I like a real job with a real salary so someday I can buy a house and support a family and do all that sort of normal stuff? Of course. Would I like to go out and get one, or take the steps necessary to acquire said "real" job and "real" life? Not really. And the same goes for a girlfriend. Just no motivation, really. Maybe being 24 is just sort of lame, I decided. And I got this feeling today that maybe that "post-China semi-depression" stuff that's supposed to happen finally is. I looked at a picture of some of my friends in Qinghuandao during our first week in China, and realized, it's been two years since I graduated college. Pretty nearly two years since I flew to LA and on to China to live a really exciting year of my life. How is it even possible that two entire years has gone by? That suddenly I went from 22 and graduating college and going to China to 24 and sitting here writing this...

= My attitude towards eating dinner right now. Part of me knows I'm sort of hungry, but part of me won't be surprised if I just sit here til Heroes.

= Me, writing this mySpace-like post for all to read. Oh well.

Sunday, May 6, 2007


I saw Spider-Man 3 Friday night with some folks, and in three words: I loved it. In one sentence: Corny and stupid in all the right places. (And I mean that in a good way. I really do.) It lived up to my expectations because I went in realizing this wasn't going to be Batman Begins and probably not even Spiderman 2. The X-Men series taught me that no comic book series can stay great forever, and when reviews came in that this third installment of Sam Raimi's adaptations wasn't so hot, I expected to be entertained, have a good time, and see some sweet Spidey action. Don't get me wrong, Tobey Maguire's great and he carries this series (and the movie) but Spidey has always been the sort of character that you don't totally take seriously. There's going to be bad dialogue and cheesy moments and the character "depth" will be rather shallow. And I know, too, that that makes comic fans upset. I am not a comic book fan, though I am a fan of comic book movies, and as far as comic book movies go, I say this was a good one.

Things I liked: Topher Grace made a cool villain and addition to the series. The movie tried to make you feel bad for all the bad guys (The Sandman and Harry Osborne, too) and that was some of the cheesiness and unnecessariness, but at least Venom and Sandman looked awesome. Tobey Maguire rocked as emo/punk Spidey (with black suit). As Jason Panella said, you completely expected Peter Parker to start taking mySpace pictures. Loved it. Bryce Dallas Howard was a pretty addition as Gwen Stacy. And Spidey and Mary Jane made out on a web. SO there was that.

In conclusion: Lots of crying. Lots of silliness. Great movie. Gwen Stacy:

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Harry Potter

Book cover comparison